Advanced Color Services (Includes Cut & Style)

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Hair color can accentuate and enhance each haircut. A great hair color should add shine and create a look of healthy hair.

Oxidative dye that penetrates the cuticle of the hair into the cortical layer. The natural hair color is altered until it is cut off, grown out, or colored again. Logics color contains conditioning agents and ingredients to keep the integrity of the hair healthy and shiny. Maintenance/Upkeep = 4 to 6 weeks.

Want a gentle boost of color with no "roots"? This application, sometimes called "glazing" or "gloss", boosts shine and texture by coating the hair with a non-peroxide hair color that washes out naturally over 4 to 6 weeks. This application can only darken the hair and it will cover gray hair temporarily. It also helps to tame hair frizzies, giving you a healthier hair appearance. This is a gentle and natural way of trying out a new hair color.

A consultation is a must prior to this service. This procedure is done to remove or change unwanted brassiness chemical or home hair color that has gone wrong. This procedure may require extra time or additional appointments to achieve the proper result. Our methods include matching tones, blending and the final corrective color. Price furnished upon consultation.

Strands of hair are colored wtih highlights and/or lowlights utilizing weaving or slicing techniques while isolated in foils. Up to 100 foils.

This application is used to enhance certain areas of the haircut with a few lighter and/or darker tones. Up to 20 foils.

Permanent Color


Semi Permanent


Partial Foil


Full Foil


Men's Color


Color Correction

*To Be Determined

With a color correction, a consultation is required to determine the price)

(Listed are starting prices, consult your stylist for actual price of your service